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NASDAQ, NYSE, TSX, & TSXV symbol lists pulled and compiled every night directly from the exchanges. As well as Cryptocurrencies from CryptoCompare.


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Frequently asked questions

Hopefully these answer your questions, feel free to reach out on twitter @jonfriesen

Why was this project created?
Finding reliable and accurate bulk symbols lists that didn't break the bank was a huge challenge. I've written a few small tools to help me manage my portfolio and analyze the market. One of the public projects is 🤖 buy the top bot which uses these symbols to return stock data in Telegram channels.
Where does this data come from?
In it's current iteration this data is pulled directly from the nasdaq and tsx exchanges. Fortunately, the nasdaq includes a full list of other listed symbols which includes the NYSE. Cryptocurrencies are provided by cryptocompare. Here are the sources:
How does it work?
The data is pulled from the exchanges and compiled into a single JSON & CSV file. The data is then stored in a public GitHub repository. The data is updated daily using a scheduled GitHub Action workflow. Once the action to get the latest symbol list is run, the new data is commited to the same repository. One new commits a DigitalOcean App Platform triggers and builds the static site with the latest dataset.
Who are you?
👋  I'm Jon! I'm a software engineer who mainly works on cloud platform as a service products.